How does it works

How does Buyer Folio work to get you the best leads exactly when they are ready to sign a contract? It’s simple.


Submit & Receive

Receive transaction-ready vetted clients, is the Buyer Folio way. Our algorithm carefully selects and matches you with the best lead, ensuring your time is not wasted.

Free your time from online leads screening tasks. When you send a lead to Buyer Folio, you know you're sending it to the best customer lead conversion platform.


Likely buyer’s
algorithm model

Once we’ve determined a client scientifically predicted to buy within the next 1-6 months. Buyer Folio data-driven, human-powered approach does the heavy lifting of screening these leads and introduce motivated clients directly to you in real time.


Intelligent Transfer of
Hot Leads

Our Smart Matching Technology connects clients to agents with the best performance scores. You’ll get a real-time alert if you’re a great match, and all you need to do is click “Accept” and the lead is yours.


Lead Manager

Our CRM helps you uncover prospects that are hiding in your inbox. We integrate with over 25 third-party lead providers such as Zillow and in one centralized place to help you engage and convert new online leads and drive repeat referral business.


No Upfront

We’re so confident in our business model we put our money where our mouth is no upfront cost to you until you close.