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Real Estate Farming: How to Become the Go-to Agent in Your Neighborhood

By Anna Chevalier on 11 Feb 2020

Farming for real estate clients is a very important part of building long-term success. You spend time in a specific neighbourhood and cultivate relationships over time, which enables you to become the go-to agent for transactions in the area. Here’s what you need to do to farm successfully:

Send Direct Mail

Using customised, seasonal postcards every month is a great place to start. There is less competition in the mailbox than the email inbox, so you’re much more likely to get noticed. Even better, you can do this without a mailing list by using a service such as Every Door Direct Mail®.

Follow Up With Visits

Once you’ve sent direct mail, follow up by knocking on doors and introducing yourself. Ask if they received your mailer. You can also have a goody bag to hand out with a fun message, a business card, and seasonal items.

Participate in Community Events

Being visible in the community is an important part of being a go-to real estate agent. Be a part of festivals, fundraisers, and grand openings in your target area. You can even sponsor functions to increase brand recognition or donate items to charity auctions.

Use a Real Estate Referral Network

As people are getting to know you, you can harness the power of real estate referrals by checking out real estate referral programs and joining one. The best real estate referral network will deliver hot leads without any upfront fees. Make sure you vet real estate referral companies carefully before you commit to one. A strong real estate referral network will treat the customers well, so they come to you confident and ready to do business.

The right referral agent network will help build your credibility in the area you’re farming, so don’t miss out on this extra boost as you build your reputation and brand!