About Buyer Folio

AI-Powered Real Estate Referral Network .

Buyer Folio is a social network platform that makes it easy for agents and brokers to network and connect to new leads. Our real estate referral network platform uses data-driven, multi-channel automation to identify the top home seller prospects and engage them through targeted marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, we bring them to you at hot leads so that you can close deals more easily and efficiently.

We help you grow your business through networking and the targeted acquisition of new ready-to-buy leads.

Why Us?

As an agent or broker, you don’t want to deal with unqualified leads or prospects who aren’t ready to act, which you often get with other real estate agent referral websites. You need the best real estate referral network available. We provide rapid lead responses, and the leads come to you when they are ready.

Our referral agent network sends and receives referrals and connects you with other professionals.  

We help you succeed in real estate.