About Buyer Folio

AI-Powered-Customer Lead Conversion Platform

Buyer Folio is an online customer lead conversion platform that makes it easy for agents and brokers to network and connect to new leads. We help real estate agents and brokers increase online lead conversion by 3-5x.

Why Us?

As an agent or broker, you don’t want to deal with unqualified leads or prospects who are not ready to act.

We use data to determined if a client scientifically predicted to buy within the next 1-6 months to ensure your time is not wasted.

We integrate with over 25 third-party lead providers such as Zillow and realtor.com in one centralized place to help you engage and convert new online leads and drive repeat referral business.

We’re so confident in our business model we put our money where our mouth is: No upfront cost to you until you close.