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Meet the Buyer Folio Team: A collective of passionate innovators and creative minds dedicated to transforming the home-buying experience. United by a shared vision, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients embark on their homeownership journey with ease, comfort, and joy.

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Q1: What is Buyer Folio?

Buyer Folio is a digital platform designed to facilitate the co-ownership of residential properties. It achieves this by matching potential co-owners based on their respective financial profiles and property preferences.

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Q3: How does the User-to-Property Recommendation System work?

This system utilizes the Folio Score®, in conjunction with comprehensive user and property attributes, to generate targeted and personalized property recommendations for prospective homebuyers.

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Q5: What should I consider before entering into a Co-Ownership Agreement?

Entering into a co-ownership agreement can have significant financial implications if things go awry. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that each party has a good credit standing, reliable income sources, qualifying debt-service ratios, and a thorough understanding of their legal and financial obligations.

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Q2: What is the Folio Score®?

The Folio Score® is a proprietary credit scoring system employed by Buyer Folio. It leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze a borrower’s financial data and predict their Ability-to-Pay (ATP®).

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Q4: What is the purpose of the Co-Ownership Recommender Model?

This model generates user-to-user recommendations by considering the compatibility of users with one another. It amalgamates user details, co-owner attributes, and financial metrics, including the Folio Score®, to identify synergies between users and present them with compatible co-ownership.

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Q6: What are the types of Joint Mortgages?

There are two types of joint mortgages: Joint Tenant and Tenants in Common. Joint Tenant is typically used by married or common-law partners or close family members, where they share equal ownership of the property. Tenants in Common allows separate parties to jointly enter into a mortgage, and they each own a portion which can be a different percentage based on financial contribution as outlined by a legal agreement.

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