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Meet our founders

An Inside Look at Our Inspiring Founders

Edouard Romeus


I'm Edouard Romeus, the founder and visionary behind Buyer Folio. Starting Buyer Folio was deeply personal. -My beloved mother-in-law struggled to find a co-signer when she wanted to buy her dream home. Fast forward 35 years later and she is now retired, locked out of homeownership, and unable to transfer the wealth she had hoped to leave for her children. This experience ignited a fire within me to create a solution that would empower individuals like my mother-in-law to achieve homeownership without the barriers and limitations. Buyer Folio was born out of this inspiration and determination to make a difference.

Kamal Kaur


Hi, I'm Kamal Kaur, AS Co-founder and CTO at Buyer Folio, I am constantly driving innovation and technological advancement to deliver exceptional results. With a proven track record of successfully completing over 200 projects globally, I bring a strong combination of technical expertise and strategic thinking to the table. My passion lies in creating cutting-edge solutions . I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science.  Beyond technical expertise, I am a natural team leader and collaborator. I believe in fostering a positive and inclusive work culture, empowering team members to reach their full potential.  

Jaz Singh


I am Jaz Singh, an accomplished professional With an MBA and certifications in PMP, CFI I-A, and 100+ International Level certifications in Fintech, Project Management, IT, ML & AI Domain, I have honed my skills to become a dynamic and multi-talented individual. As a Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Buyer Folio, I have been instrumental in driving the success of the company.   My expertise lies in leveraging my skills to develop innovative solutions that drive business growth and deliver measurable results. I am passionate about staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving field of technology.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to help One Million Canadians become Homeowners. 

Our Mission is to Overcome Systematic Barriers on the Path to homeownership.

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