A New Era of Home Co-ownership

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Embrace the revolution and feel the exhilaration of stepping into a transformative epoch of shared homeownership.












Wonder who we are?

I am Edouard R.

Chief Executive Officer

Edouard Romeus, the founder, was profoundly touched by his mother-in-law’s uphill battle to secure homeownership, founded a solution to empower individuals to overcome homeownership barriers.

I am Kamaljeet K.

Chief Technology Officer

Kamal Kaur, co-founder and fervent innovator with a Master's degree in Computer Science, has successfully completed more than 200 global projects as a team leader and is dedicated to propelling technological progress.

I am Loudvika D.

Chief Operating Officer

Loudvika Duvalsaint, co-founder and experienced real estate broker with a decade of experience in administration, channels her enthusiasm for real estate and dedication to social impact.

I am Jaswinder S.

Chief Product Officer

Jaz Singh, co-founder and skilled professional with an MBA and multiple certifications, uses his passion for technological innovation to fuel business growth and success.

Buyer Folio. Reimagining Homeownership!

Our mission is to dismantle the barriers of housing inequality that have long  hindered Black communities. Buyer Folio is more than an app; it’s a beacon of hope, facilitating home co-ownership and empowering Black individuals and families to step onto the property ladder and secure their rightful place as homeowners.